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Butane Soldering Irons

Iroda MJ300

MJ300 & MJ600

Pocket size

  • MJ 300 - Flame

  • MJ 600 - Hot Air

Boost your lighter to a blue flame or 650°C flameless heat.

Perfect for small & quick jobs

Master Model UT-100SIK (003).jpg

UT-50 & UT-100Si

Weller quality

  • UT-100Si is the US twin-brother of the Weller Pyropen. A solid metal soldering iron, flameless heattool and torch in one. 

  • UT-50 is a Pen-sized heat tool with triple function: soldering, Flameless heat and Torch



great performance

  • Economy Auto Ignition model with great performance

  • Professional quality. A robust & reliable 'partner'

  • Equivalent of 30-100W




The benchmark

  • A solid aluminium soldering iron, flameless heattool and Torch in one

  • Auto-ignition with versatility
    in the power range 30W-125W




The Mechanic’s choice

  • A solid aluminium soldering iron, flameless heattool and Torch in one

  • With the switchable Gas containers (LEC), the perfect tool for outdoor usage and cold conditions

Electric Heat Guns

PH-2600 Professional Heat Gun.jpg

Proheat 2600stc

Measures & control surface temp.!

  • The World’s First Surface Temperature Sensing and Control Heat Gun

  • Perfect for Process Control applications

  • Avoid overheating or burning heat sensitive materials

PH2200 Professional Heatgun

proheat 2200

All round proffesional 

  • Compact Lightweight variable temperature heat-gun

  • Variable temperature with patented electronic temperature control system

Very quiet Heat Gun Very Low noise

master mite 10010

revision Service

The most silent heat gun in the world

  • Very quiet running motor, eliminates noisy production areas

  • Even after 20 years, still the most ‘quiet’ one

  • Sarapis has all the spare parts of the Master-Mites. Sarapis can rebuild your
    Master-Mite literally as new

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