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The ultimate cordless heat tool setting a new standard for the industry. More portability, power and reliability than ever before. If you want the very best, choose the Pro-150. Perfect for outdoor usage!  Triple function: soldering iron, flameless heat gun, Torch.

Patented LEC™ removable fuel cell for uninterrupted use, safety & reliability even at very lower temperatures. 

Due to the LEC gas-containers, the gas stays longer warm and thus functions properly. The extra fuel cellyou can be keeped in your pocket to stay warm and replace quickly so that all day you can use the Pro-150. Even in cold conditions!

May be legally transported on commercial airlines (without LEC™). Comes with soldering tip, safety wire stand and protective cap.

  • Automotive and truck repairs

  • Aviation service and repair

  • Electrical components

  • Environmental splicing

  • Shrink tubing

  • Infield repairs

  • Jewelry repair

  • Loosen rusted nuts and bolts

  • Maintain switch panels

  • Sensitive IC boards

  • Soften window caulking

  • Solder circuit boards

  • TV cable systems

  • Repair television sets, meters, switch boards

Content Pro-150 Kit 

A quality kit featuring the auto-ignition Pro 150 tool with cap, 2 LECs-08, 3 extra tips, cored solder and cleaning sponge. All packed in a tough polypropylene carrying case.


  • Pro-150

  • 1mm Conical Tip

  • Blow Torch Head

  • Hot Air Blower with deflector

  • Tip Cleaning Sponge

  • Coil of Tin/Silver Solder

  • Spare Gas Filter

  • 2 LECs (refillable gas containers / ‘batteries’)

  • Heavy Duty Ultra-Box



Length with soldering tip:

Weight (gas filled)

App.temp. soldering tip


Gas container capacity

Operating capacity

(one gas filling)

263 mm




20 ml (LEC)

30 min. at mid setting

Available accessories

  • Extra filtered, high quality Butane Gas (250ml Cannisters)

  • LEC-08 (refillable gas containers)

  • PS01 Conical (tapered) needle 1.6 mm

  • PS02 Conical (tapered) needle 3,2 mm

  • PS03 Cisel (tapered) needle 2,4 mm

  • PS04 Cisel (tapered) needle 3,2 mm

  • PS05 Angle 2.4 mm

  • PS06 Angle 3.2 mm

  • PS09 Hot knife tip

  • PS10 Hot air tip

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