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Heatshrink Tubing

Full range of Heat Shrink Tubing. Select your required tubing based on your requirements

Halogen Free heat shrink tubin

From end-caps to 5-way break-outs

Moulded Heat Shrink Parts

End caps an brake-outs

Waterproof Solder splices, Waterproof and full insulated butt splices and other crimp connectors. 

Solder and Crimp Splices

Waterproof Crimp connectors.jpg
Waterproof solder connectors
Spiral Wrap
Repair sleeve

Cable Bundling & Repair

  • Spiral Wrap

  • Cable Ties

  • C-Wrap - TE Connectivity

  • Repair Sleeve

  • Cable marking profiles

Professional Heat Guns
Professional Soldering Irons
  • Iroda Butane Powered Professional Soldering Irons

  • Professional Heat Guns

Heat Guns & Soldering Irons

Customized branding
  • Printing

  • Cutting

  • Rebranding / Customized labeling

  • Dropshipping

Additional Services & Products

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