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Product Categories

Heat Shrink Tubing

Full range of Heat Shrink Tubing. Select your required tubing based on your requirements

Halogen Free heat shrink tubin

From end-caps to 5-way break-outs

Moulded Heat Shrink Parts

End caps an brake-outs

Waterproof Solder splices, Waterproof and full insulated butt splices and other crimp connectors. 

Solder and Crimp Splices

Waterproof Crimp connectors.jpg
Waterproof solder connectors
Spiral Wrap and Cable Ties

Cable Bundling & Repair

  • Spiral Wrap

  • Cable Ties

  • C-Wrap - TE Connectivity

  • Braided Tubing

  • Cable marking profiles

Professional Heat Guns
Professional Soldering Irons
  • Iroda Butane Powered Professional Soldering Irons

  • Professional Heat Guns

Heat Guns & Soldering Irons

Sarapis services.jpg
  • Dropshipping

  • Cutting services

  • Customized labeling

  • 2-comp. adhesive

  • Multi Lube (high temp. grease)

Additional Services & Products

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