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Cable Bundling, Marking & Repair

Additional Services & Products

We Cut your Heat Shrink Tubing

All your profiles or heat-shrink tubing on the lengths you desire!

We can provide that service!



We put your logo on our products. No problem!

Your brand!

Provide Dropshipping Sarapis

You want to:

  • lower stock

  • cut delivery times

  • reduce transport costs?

Sarapis can send directly to your customer with e.g. your own packing-list, art. numbers and logo's/labels

I.e. Dropshipping services


2 component adhesive

We also sell the following items:

  1. 2component adhesive

  2. Multi-Lube (High temp.!, Can be used with ABS brake systems)

  3. Grease remover/cleaner

Besides our main range of products, we can supply various other products of our main brands. 

Other products

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