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About Us


The Origin

Sarapis BV was founded in 1992 as a heat shrink distributor. We were the first in EU to sell solder splices in a set with a butane torch. These sets were an innovation for the automotive aftermarket  and they helped Sarapis BV to win a Certificate of Innovation, presented by Germany's Minister of Economic Affairs.  Today, we still supply a full range, top quality heat shrink products and waterproof connectors


Our focus has always been on providing our clients with fast and reliable service and we have become known as the market specialist.

While Sarapis has been supplying an extensive base of regular customers since 1992, new customers are welcomed with open arms and are assured of the same reliable service. Our clients are loyal to us, because Sarapis is loyal to them. This has been the case since 1992 and we guarantee that it's the way it will stay.

Europe wide deliveries

We can deliver whenever you need it and in general, deliveries within 1-2 days are possible. Let us know if you have any special requests or are interested in placing a large, particular order and we will deliver quickly and according to agreement. Sarapis BV delivers mainly in Europe but have exporting expertise to other countries too.

Customized Labelling

Our products can be 'neutral labelled' , meaning that when you receive your delivery of heat shrink tubing, watertight butt splices or crimp connectors, you can apply your own brand name to them and take them to market. Or we put your label on it is a provided service too.  We can even send it directly to your customer with your packing list and article numbers (i.e. Dropshipment)

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