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The World’s First Surface Temperature Sensing and Control Heat Gun

Unlike other LCD display type heat guns which display only the temperature at the nozzle, the Master Proheat STC is the first heat
gun to sense, display and control actual SURFACE temperatures. It is now possible to display your work surface temperature, dial-in a target temperature and watch the displayed temperature increase as it approaches and reaches your target temperature.

Once your target temperature is reached, the Master Proheat STC will automatically regulate the heater to maintain the target temperature. The Proheat STC compensates for changes in the distance from the work surface by automatically adjusting the
temperature output.

This revolutionary new heat gun technology gives you the special capability of knowing your surface or work piece temperature at all times to enable process control for many temperature sensitive surface applications!

  • Speed up the heating process – work the upper limits of the cure zone

  • Built-in surface temperature sensor & LCD display – Real time display of both target and surface temperatures

  • LTS™ Laser targeting system – Provides accurate field of view & operating range

  • Dial-in variable temperature and airflow controls

  • Proloc™ Supervisor locking feature – Prevents changing of temperature or airflow for repeatability

  • LED Progress indicators - Green, yellow & red LED lights indicate progress in heating process

  • STC™ Automatic Surface Temperature Control - Automatically regulates heater to maintain target surface temperature

  • Perfect for Process Control applications

  • Avoid overheating or burning heat sensitive materials


Lockable, Momentary Contact



Permanent Magnet


1300 Watt

223-1219 m/min

Variable Air Velocity:


Nozzle Opening Diameter:

135 - 453 l/min

Variable Air Volume:


SURFACE temp. range:



208x76,2x185,4mm (LxWxH)



Proheat 2600 STC

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