Master-Mite (Revision kit)

Revision of the most silence heat gun ever build

  • Ideal heat & air flow, performs top heating jobs without excess airflow, won’t blow components around work station

  • Very quiet running motor, eliminates noisy production areas

    • Even after 20 years, still the most ‘quiet’ one

  • 3 optional easy-to-change plug-in heating elements available

  • Adjustable heat gun is used to activate adhesive, cure epoxies, dry components, melt solderperforms, remove decals, shrink tubing and more

  • Non CE-approved, so new Master-Mites cannot be sold

  • However, Sarapis has all the spare parts of the Master-Mites. Sarapis can rebuild your Master-Mite as new or sell revised versions

Ask for more information about the revision services of the Master-Mite Heat Gun

All spare parts are individually sold and CE approved




Nozzle temp. range:

Variable Air Volume:

Nozzle Opening Diameter:

Variable Air Velocity:

223x83,8x178mm (LxWxH)


340° (with 450W element)

avg. 107 l/min


avg. 178 m/min


450 Watt


Permanent Magnet


Lockable, Momentary Contact

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