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Spiral Wrap is a unique and simple solution for bundling and organizing cables in a hassle free, efficient way. Used in Audio/Video field, bicycle manufacturing and other places where many cables need to be organized. Spiral Wrap is a necessity for any project that you see fit. Available in clear or black polyethylene Spiral Wrap makes bundling cables easy and attractive. From sound and security cable runs to simply organizing a mess of cables behind your computer; Spiral Wrap is a must have

All our Spiral Wraps are manufactured in The Netherlands of the best quality PE. We've two versions:


SWHS85 is the thick-wall version of our Spiral Wrap assortment.

It knows a higher cut-through resistance as well as the best 'shape memory'. Meaning that it can be used over and over again without losing it's function and shape. The best quality out there.


SP is the medium-wall version. This makes the tube commercially attractive and generally can beat the Chinese on price, yet blows them away with superior quality. The best price/quality out there and when mechanical protection is of lesser importance, this is the Spiral Wrap to go for. 


Operating temp.


Standard colors:

Tensile strength:

Melting point:

-60° to +85° C


Black and Natural

10 N/mm² min


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