B155-900x is RoHS compliant. It is designed to splice tin-plated or bare copper stranded wires rated for at least +85 °C. The insulation of the B155-900x is made of polyolefin tubing with 2 thermoplastic, color coded adhesive. The rings will melt and flow to seal and encapsulate the inner components, offering an environmental protection. Available in 4 sizes.

Operating temperature:

Shrink temperature:

In accordance with:

Insulation sleeve:

Solder preform


-55 ⁰C to +125 ⁰C

>140 ⁰C


Heat-shrinkable clear, radiation cross-linked modified polyolefin

How to install SolderSleeves?

Sn42Bi58 per ANSI J-STD-006

Flux ROM1 per ANSI J-STD-004

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