Cold Seal

TE Connectivity’s (TE) cold applied splice and terminals product line is designed as a single-component in-line splice that requires no heat to install. It seals the termination and prevents the ingress of moisture which can lead to insulation failure and breakdown of the electrical connection.


In this product, sealing is achieved by replacing traditional methods, such as grommets, greases, and tapes with a novel gel technology. A polymer outer layer provides electrical isolation.

Operating temperature:

Tensile Strength:

In accordance with:

Insulation sleeve:

Dielectric Strength:

Insulation Resistance:

-65 to + 150° C"

Exceeds that of spliced wire

RoHS, MIL-I 23053/8, SAE AS81824

Transparent polyvinylidene fluoride

2500 V maximum

5000 megohms minimum

Altitude Immersion:

75,000 feet

Fluid Resistance:

MIL-L-7808, MIL-L-3699, MIL-H-5605 (Hydraulic), MIL-A-8243, MIL-C-59769, and MIL-T-5624 (JP-5)

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