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Medical heatshrink

Sarapis comprehensive range of products are perfectly suited to meet the needs of today’s medical devices and hospitals

Via our extensive network we can provide a vast array of components, as well as value added services to meet the needs of the rapidly growing and ever more demanding medical market place.

Our products are widely utilised in surgical devices, particularly in the areas of Minimal-Invasive Surgery, Catheter, Patient Monitoring, and Imaging markets.

Our heat shrinkable tubing meets the highest standards of USP Class V1 and ISO 10993. We can provide medical device manufacturers with the products and components they need for Arthroscopic, Laparoscopic and Endoscopic devices. These heat shrinkable tubing products are mainly used on mono-polar and bio-polar arthroscopic and laparoscopic electro-surgical devices, where they offer electrical insulation, strain relief, and mechanical protection for both the medical device and the human body.”


We able to provide heat shrink tubing products in all formats:

  • Micro-bore (small internal diameter)

  • Sub-lite wall, (incredibly thin walled)

  • High temperature,

  • Flexible and semi-rigid

  • Dual wall (adhesive lined) contructions.

  • Radio-opaque

  • Tight tolerances on cut lengths and longitudinal change.

We are able to provide extruded tubing solutions for these and countless other medical applications, in a wide range of materials including polyolefins, fluoropolymers, nylons and polyether block amides, PEBAX, PTFE, FEP and PEEK and PU.

All such materials are compatible with one or more of the following methods of sterilization which are commonly utilised in the medical market:

  • Autoclave

  • Gamma

  • Ethylene Oxide

  • Steam

  • Dry Heat

We can also supply PTFE liners to provide lubricity in applications such as stent delivery, along with PET or FEP heat shrink tubing as the outer layer covering Hypo Tubes .

Sarapis other core technical competencies include :

  • Wire and Cable Solutions.

       New is the Anti-bacterial heatshrinktubing. Ideal for hospitals’ electric wiring

  • Custom Connectors.

  • Identification & Labelling.

Connections matter, shrink your problems
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